For Pete’s Sake, Apple. Just make XCode an editor for more than just Apple products!

To my chagrin this morning, when I opened up VS Code to get some momentum back in my current app development project (more on that later), I get the following, annoying, error:

Uggh, I thought. I remember this problem from before. Problem was, I did not remember the solution. Something to do with the git configuration. Anyhow, I get snooping. It didn’t take me long to try an access git form the command line, which is when I got this nice little note:

Well, that’s relatively good news. Git didn’t get uninstalled, just locked up because I updated my machine (upon request). Opening up XCode and accepting the new EULA (which I didn’t read) got me back in action. If only I could use XCode to write my React application, I wouldn’t have to live like this. Thanks a lot, Tim.