Velir – 12/15 – 2/17

Somverville, MA

Digital Strategist / Account Executive

As account executive, I worked with business development team members to establish proposal materials and pre-sales digital strategies for clients. This role gave me the opportunity to get in front of clients at the very beginning of the process and influence more of the business decisions that go behind large digital projects. It also gave me the chance to provide clients with top level service by building and maintaining the long term relationships that I like to foster. I also got closer to the Sitecore platform as it was the primary toolset for the majority of our clients and knowing its features was a critical aspect of being able to pitch our services.

Highlights from this role:

  • Developed a standard operation procedure for common digital strategy practices
  • Worked on team of 3 that closed $2M+ in 1 year
  • Built strategies from the ground up for enterprise clients
  • Shaped technical solutions for large-scale projects
  • Mentored strategy team members
  • Built account relationships for the long term
  • Continuing communications with client contacts to this day

Velir – 12/13 – 12/15

Lead Solutions Architect

As a lead solutions architect, I worked with project teams to build out project specifications as well as trained and mentored other architects. Most projects were based in Sitecore, they were otherwise web related. I enjoyed running into challenges and getting creative, that’s where I earned a strong reputation for thinking outside the box I was usually given. After executing and overseeing several projects for our top billing clients, I earned the status of strategist, but still got to play with the technical details of the solutions.

Highlights from this role:

  • Learned the ins and outs of Sitecore to expert level
  • Utilized my experience as a full stack developer to devise solutions to technical problems
  • Designed enterprise scale solutions for clients on Sitecore and AEM
  • Performed audits and analyses for various existing client solutions

A true expert can speak to the details of a solution in a simple fashion without obscuring the matter with buzzwords, spin or deflected questions and I found that Judge offered this level of expertise regularly.
Neil Gilbert, Digital Marketing Specialist, Bayer Crop ScienceSee more on LinkedIn

Judge is a creative force and you can always rely on him to bring a fresh perspective to any project or team.
Corey Caplette, CTO, VelirSee more on LinkedIn

Judge has the rare gift of being able to communicate successfully with technical and non-technical people, thanks to his wide range of skills.
Alessandro Faniuolo, Senior Lead Developer, VelirSee more on LinkedIn

Material Group/Prophet – 12/12 – 6/13 Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Group Technical Director

When Prophet acquired Material Group, I was the leader of the transition team charged with merging our technical and creative members with the business and management consultants of a larger agency. I brought on one of my favorite people, Derek Fansler, to contribute as a technical director now that our firm went from 30 to 300 people. We led projects that were enterprise class and involved much larger teams than our past experiences. I enjoyed working with new partners that had grand visions for their clients and formulating those visions into strategic digital or otherwise technological solutions.

Highlights from this role:

  • Led a merger of two enterprise sites in 6 month timeline
  • Consulted for brands such as Electrolux and Pentair
  • Developed SOP for digital proposal creation
  • Introduced new director level roles into the company

Material Group – 6/12 – 10/12 Chicago, IL

Chicago, IL

Director of Technology

During my tenure at Material Group, we built several brand campaigns for various clients including SC Johnson, Unilever, and American Family Insurance. Our team of front and back-end developers were some of the most talented I’ve known. We delivered extremely complicated high-end boutique code that was supported by campaigns starring the likes of Keifer Sutherland. I loved working with such capable people of all disciplines, and I really learned a lot about how to summarize our work for pitching services to clients.

Highlights from this role:

  • Fostered large scale projects through to completion
  • Generated proposal documents with producers including scopes of work and project plans.
  • Designed technical specifications for complex social applications
  • Led a movement toward mobile-first development within the group

Judge has a wide range of experience that allows him to serve as a technical expert across many platforms and industries.
Peter Guarino, Director of Client Services, ProphetSee more on LinkedIn

He quickly gains an understanding of the client’s business goals and provides creative and technical solutions to the issue at hand.Elizabeth Cook, Executive Producer, ProphetSee more on LinkedIn

Vertical, Incorporated – 8/10 – 6/12

Chicago, IL

Director of Development, Digital Media

I took the job at Vertical to regulate my hours and income after having a child. This was a great experience after having freelanced for nearly 8 years, and I enjoyed everyone I met at this small firm. We did some great work for arts education in Chicago, and I gained strong experience in the enterprise working with Siemens Building Technologies. I developed cutting edge solutions for their exhibitions as well as robust campaign sites for building technology competition.

Highlights from this role:

      • Handled bulk of project development while managing freelancers and 3rd parties for extra load
      • Developed projects in the full stack, leaning heavily on LAMP tech, but working in .NET environments when needed
      • Streamlined internal development focus, process, and best practices while still pivoting when necessary
      • Chose platforms, languages and third-party solutions for firm
      • Concepted interactive ideas for clients such as Siemens, Mitsubishi Electric Automation
      • Implemented kiosk applications for major trade show exhibitions for multiple screen sizes (i.e. Responsive)

He is skilled at providing solutions that are not only on target but well above client expectations.Sarah Pederson, Designer, VerticalSee more on LinkedIn

Digital Bootcamp – 10/06 – 4/11

Chicago, IL

Lead Instructor, Web Development

I was hired at Digital Bootcamp to teach Actionscript. I quickly became the go-to instructor and began running web development bootcamps and even taking on some SQL courses. I loved getting to know the type of people that wanted to gain the skills I was sharing and recognizing the achievements they made. I established curricula for web development and application development courses that were used by several instructors for years at the school.

Highlights from this role:

      • Developed 8 week bootcamp curricula
      • Delivered multi-day workshops to corporate clients
      • Performed on-site training for Adobe in San Jose, CA
      • Managed website projects for school during tenure

Judge is a well-rounded developer and instructor, he’s showed us how to use what we’ve learn and apply it to real world situations.
Chantz Pannah, StudentSee more on LinkedIn

Pixelwelders – 6/09 – 6/10

Chicago, IL

Partner, Developer

Pixelwelders was a brand that Zack Jordan was using while we worked on some development projects together. I joined him and we procured some office space in downtown Chicago to run our application development and consultancy from. We built numerous self-contained applications, mostly in Actionscript, but some utilizing the full stack. We worked for brands such as McDonalds, Nintendo, Ikea, and Roundarch.

Highlights from this role:

      • Managed freelancers and third parties to deliver extra workload
      • Managed an office space in downtown Chicago
      • Delivered a kiosk application that was housed at Ikea Chicago

His expertise and dedication was of vital importance due to the tight timeline and sophisticated programming. Tim Rawls, Owner, Juice InteractiveSee more on LinkedIn

Freelance – 4/04 – 6/09

Boston, MA – Chicago, IL

Principal, Developer, Consultant

I was awarded work as a freelancer from my restaurant connections because I showed an innate ability to deliver complex solutions beyond my existing capabilities. Being able to stretch myself while under a deadline was what made my reputation in the early days of freelancing. In a sea of no people, I was a yes man, and I could deliver. I built plenty of websites and likewise complex solutions for a smattering of clients in Boston and Chicago.

Highlights from this role:

          • Self marketed and supported for 6 years
          • Worked with numerous agencies in Chicago, namely: Roundarch, Leo Burnett, DraftFCB, and Razorfish
          • Developed scores of kiosks, flash sites, widgets, banners
          • Built a solid personal reputation of reliabilty
          • Gained experience with key technologies such as PHP, Python, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, MongoDB

His skill level is expert, and he is a reliable and fun person to work with.
JoAnn Leonard, Owner, Juice InteractiveSee more on LinkedIn